smarter cities

If you live in a typical ‘western’ type city - then you think traffic is bad now, imagine it in ten years...we clearly can't keep going down this path.

In the planning for cities, there is always more focus on the ‘centres’ and that's the way it should be, but what about where
most of us live, suburbia?

The suburbs have served us pretty well for over 50 years, but they don’t meet our needs like they use to: 
 - look at average time spent commuting.
 - look at the carbon footprint of living like this
 - look at the time this takes people away from their families and friends.  

To make it worse many cities have an affordability crisis too.  What? … you have to pay how much for a house and still sit in traffic every morning and arvo?  Driving further and further away is no longer cheaper overall when you include time and mobility costs.

There is also a clear lack of housing choice.   We can all see houses or units for sale, but what about all the other ways of living?  There are many other housing types which should be available for people who want it too.

How can suburbia adapt to our new challenges, the latest  research, these new challenges?