the money

Everybody wants enough money.  
Shaping Suburbia proposes changes for existing low density suburbia.  If you are in one of these areas, these changes will give you real financial gains – you might even think its like you have just won the lottery.
Yes, we can all work away for years and pay off our mortgages bit by bit.  Maybe you can get a better loan-rate, or get a second job, but its still a hard slog.  Prices for stuff seem to just keep rising, and most of us feel like we are only just keeping up.  

The reality is that is exactly what most people do.  
But what if there was another way? What if you could: 
- get better value out of where you live – for nothing?
- live healthier and make some extra money too?
- become a small property developer & get rich

…why not you?